How do I get appointed to more insurance carriers? 

New agents can contract with up to eight carriers on the same day they are granted access to HQ and Opt. (You must have E&O Insurance to get appointed to all eight.)

Those carriers are: Americo, AIG, Foresters, MOO, F&G, UHL, Legal & General, and SBLI.

To contract with an additional carrier, American Amicable/Occidental, you must submit a client application for coverage. Your upline can explain how this works. 

To qualify for additional carriers, the agent must write 15 applications with the core carriers to get to the next qualifying level.

• Submit 15 applications and you qualify for four additional carriers.
• Submit 25 applications and you qualify for any additional carriers. No limit on the amount.

For each carrier contract generated by the Contracting Department, the agent will receive an email containing a link to confirm the contract. Agents should monitor their junk/spam inbox for these messages. If confirmation is expected but has not arrived, status inquiries should be directed to the Agency Owner. The email will contain instructions on how to register your account with SureLC and new agents will be able to click on the carrier contracts to confirm them once registered.