Common Mistakes When Buying Final Expense Life Insurance

Common mistakes when buying final expense insurance: a guide to wise choices

Final expense life insurance is a type of coverage that can provide your loved ones with a financial safety net in the event of your passing. Given the average cost of a funeral in the US, which can exceed $7,000 according to the National Funeral Directors Association, it’s no surprise that final expense insurance is […]

Final Expense Life Insurance

final expense life insurance

Final Expense Life Insurance Final expense life insurance is an important type of insurance policy that can provide financial protection to you and your loved ones during a difficult time.  Here are ten important things to consider when looking into final expense life insurance: Funeral Expenses: Burial or Final Expense life insurance can help cover […]

Affordable Life Insurance with No Exam

affordable life insurance with no exam

When you decide to look into getting life insurance, what is the first thing that deters you from moving forward and getting a policy? For many people, the answer to that is they don’t want to do the medical exam. Well, I’m here to tell you that now, you can get affordable life insurance with […]

Welcome to the Mortgage Protector!

welcome to the mortgage protector

We’re so glad you’ve found us! Welcome to The Mortgage Protector!  We are a family-owned life insurance agency committed to helping homeowners protect their home and family. We are independent brokers, therefore, we have access to 30+ A rated insurance carriers. This gives us the ability to find coverage for anyone.  It would be an honor […]