Email Introduction Template

Feel free to use the example that follows as the email template for sending information to prospective clients. Make sure you add in your own information and change the links about view state licensure depending on which state in which you are licensed. Not all states use the same links and we don’t have a link for every state. Change any of the wording to fit yours or your clients needs. 

Example Template

As an introduction to who I am, it’s important that you know I’m licensed in (number) states. My (state) resident license number is _________ and my national insurance provider number is ________.  You can view my state license at Consumer Inquiry for Insurance Licensee at Sircon or National Producer License Search

My Agency Specializes In: 

  • Mortgage Protection–   This protection covers your mortgage payments when you can’t because of death, disability, or life-threatening illness.
  • Permanent Child Coverage – Protect your little ones and grow cash value. This type of coverage protects children’s future insurability regardless of future health concerns with the option to increase the coverage throughout life.
  • Final Expense- Designed to pay off expenses families face upon the death of a loved one. The coverage ensures your loved ones are not saddled with debts that can be financially troubling after you pass.  
  • Tax-Advantaged Savings – The cash value component of your universal life insurance policy provides a guaranteed minimum interest rate and tax-deferred accumulation. Premium payment flexibility. As your needs change, your universal life insurance policy premium payments and death benefits can be adjusted.

Our Carriers:

Because we work for YOU and not the carriers, we shop the best carriers in the industry to get you the MOST Coverage for the LEAST Amount of Premium. They compete with each other to offer living benefits, fixed/level premiums, dependable coverage, and most have been in business for 100+ years. Below are some of the carriers we may be using to protect you:


How we’re different:

We take the time to fully understand your family’s needs, budget, and concerns so that we can find the perfect solutions for your Protection needs. Once we find the plan that works best for you, we will help you apply for the coverage/plan, communicate with the carriers to get the coverage in place, and keep you updated every step of the way.



(Agent’s Name)