Non-Resident State Licenses

Once you obtain a new Non-Resident State License:

  1. Prior to writing business in a new state, determine if the carrier requires pre-appointment for that state. If so, you MUST email each new non-Resident License to the carriers to ensure you’ve been appointed. 

  2.  Please view Carrier Resources on HQ for further information regarding pre-appointment with each carrier.

  3. To sell life insurance and receive compensation from Foresters in the 3 fraternal states, producers and business entities must
    hold a fraternal life license or life license with the fraternal line of authority and be appointed with us as a fraternal producer BEFORE any sales occur:

    –Massachusetts: producers need to complete the application and submit the completed application to Foresters. Foresters cover the required appointment fees in Massachusetts.

    –Connecticut and New Mexico: producers can complete the state-specific fraternal license and appointment form on and submit it to Foresters once processed. After the first piece of business is placedwith Foresters, the license fee will be reimbursed by Foresters.