welcome to the mortgage protector

We’re so glad you’ve found us! Welcome to The Mortgage Protector! 

We are a family-owned life insurance agency committed to helping homeowners protect their home and family. We are independent brokers, therefore, we have access to 30+ A rated insurance carriers. This gives us the ability to find coverage for anyone. 

It would be an honor to assist you in obtaining mortgage protection insurance so that when you pass away, your family has the ability to stay in their home. We take pride in providing a personal approach with each family we serve and will continue to serve you throughout the time your coverage is in force. Let us be your agency for life!

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Some of you may be thinking, what exactly is mortgage protection insurance? If you’ve heard or read about this before, you’ve probably heard about plans that decrease as your mortgage decreases or the death benefit goes to the mortgage company. We approach protecting your mortgage differently than the other guys! With our plans, the death benefit goes to your family and the amount remains level, not decreasing as your mortgage gets paid. 

There are other details to these plans that we will explain in depth during our meeting so that you understand exactly what your coverage will do for you and your family. Our plans are customized to YOUR situation. One size does not fit all regarding insurance! 

What to Expect When Working With Our Agents

Conversations with our families help us understand what coverage is in place for financial protection at present and then we compare it to what they ideally want for protection. We work to keep the coverage within the budget. Our goal is to find an affordable plan(s) to provide financial security for your family regarding the home for when a tragedy happens. 

We take as much time as you need to answer all of your questions both before and after a policy is put into place. In addition, we are just a phone call away to answer any questions or assist you with any needs related to your plan or any other policy you’d like to obtain. 

Thank you for trusting us to help you achieve financial protection for your family! Again, welcome to the mortgage protector…we are here to serve!