what is an indexed universal life policy

Use an IUL to Protect Your Child’s Future

Key Benefits:

  • An Indexed Universal Life Policy (IUL) offers lifelong protection.
  • Living benefit riders are available to increase the value of the policy.
  • Indexed Univeral Life Insurance uses indexed stocks to increase the policy’s cash value.


An IUL’s cash value, face amount, and premiums are all adjustable.

There are numerous key moments in life that present opportunities for obtaining more protection. Many insurance options can protect you from whatever life throws at you. Your life insurance agent can assist you in getting ready for those milestones.

Of all the life milestones, having a baby or adopting a child requires a significant financial and insurance modification for families. In light of this, it’s a fantastic chance to reach out to your insurance agent so they can help safeguard your child’s future. For long-term protection that enables you to accumulate wealth and pass on the keys to financial success to your children, an indexed universal life policy is excellent.

Permanent Coverage

For long lasting security, an indexed universal life policy (IUL) is the ideal insurance option. Parents can establish a foundation of protection for their kids with an IUL that can be modified as needed. Because IUL coverage is permanent, families will receive protection for the duration of their children’s lives.

Furthermore, by using indexed stocks to affect the growth of the cash value component in an IUL, you can profit financially from your policy. With an IUL, you can make additional investments in the future of your kids with a flexible growth potential.

Flexible Riders

There are numerous riders that can be used to help families change their insurance to better suit their child’s needs. Particularly, living benefits riders are ideal for assisting them in obtaining long-term protection for their children.

Living benefits riders, also referred to as accelerated benefit riders, will provide their children with ongoing financial security. For instance, the premium waiver rider enables them to forego payments in the event of a major injury or disability.

If the policy owner becomes unable to perform two of the six fundamental daily tasks necessary to qualify for long-term care, a long-term care rider would provide them a payout to assist in paying for their care.

Build Wealth

Indexed universal life insurance’s capacity to accumulate and increase wealth is a significant advantage. An IUL makes sense if you are worried about providing for your children financially (beyond a death benefit). The policy invests the yearly interest income of the indexes connected to the policy to make money for the policyholder, unlike other types of whole or permanent life insurance. These types of plans have the potential to generate higher returns for you as an investment tool.

You can use the cash value portion of an IUL to help save for your child and even allow you to take withdrawals from the policy’s value.

Cash Value

The cash value portion of an IUL is a fantastic opportunity to create tax-free wealth. Over time, the policy’s cash value will increase. Once the cash value has grown sufficiently, you may borrow without incurring fees. It is crucial to note that any loans that are now repaid to the policy will have an impact on how much the death benefit will ultimately be.

You may even utilize the money to pay you premiums if the cash value increases sufficiently.


IUL investments have the advantage of tax-free growth. The funds that maintain your cash worth won’t be taxed, much like an annuity. There will be an exception if funds are removed before the cash value has matured.

Earn Returns

In addition, indexed universal life may offer greater returns than conventional life insurance. In contrast to conventional universal life insurance, indexed stocks are used to increase the cash value component of an IUL. Your coverage could expand with that kind of investing strategy beyond a cash value supported by premiums alone.

Furthermore, IULs have higher contribution limits, in contrast to conventional retirement savings plans.

Protect their future

An IUL purchase is ideally made when the policyholder is young, like with the majority of insurance plans. First-time parents have a lot of options, including an indexed universal life policy.

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